Train and Look Like an Athlete, Think Like a Coach

The Pheasyque drawings you love provided in a full service coaching platform to build your strength, body, and mind.


Pheasyque Lab brings the drawings you love to LIFE.

We teach you the best ways to train for strength and aesthetics with on-demand coaching guidance.


Does this sound like you?

🚫 Constantly jumping from program to program.

🚫 Aimlessly searching the internet for quality information.

🚫 Never truly receiving personal coaching feedback.

🚫 Blindly approaching your diet with no goals in mind.


How Pheasyque Lab Can Help

✅ Weekly progressive program built with strategy.

✅ Weekly lessons designed to teach you as you train.

✅ On-demand coaching for your INDIVIDUAL needs.

✅ Additional nutritional help at no extra cost.


Everything you receive when joining:

Content With a Plan

Weekly programs and lessons that run parallel with one another to help you practice what you learn, so growth ACTUALLY sticks.

Real-Time Coaching

No matter where you are you'll have access to form critique and coaching tips from Coach Jake and Eugen in our private Lab group.

Add-Ons and More

Need warm-ups? They're included. Need a library of exercises to guide you? They're included. The Pheasyque drawings you love are included.

Who is Pheasyque Lab for?

ANYONE, and we mean ANYONE, who's tired of paying for overpriced online coaching where they don't even receive custom feedback.

With us, you'll always receive attention in a timely manner and that attention will be INDIVIDUAL for YOU. We make an effort to learn every client.



Client Feedback, This Could Be YOU!

Pheasyque Lab Subscriptions

You won't find a better deal in fitness. Our subscriptions provide you with MORE for your money.

My Strength Foundation Tier I



Weekly Programming

Lessons every week filled with drawings, articles, and videos

100s of Exercise Tutorial Videos

Add-on content

Quizzes to test your knowledge


My Strength Foundation Tier II



Monthly Programming (barbell + bodyweight options!)

Easy-to-Digest Lessons Delivered Every Week

Real-Time Coaching Feedback

Ability to Message Coach Jake and Eugen for Questions + Feedback

Private Community

100s of Exercise Tutorial Videos


True Beginner Program



3-Months of Beginner-Friendly Programming

Easy-to-Digest Lessons Delivered Every Week

Real-Time Coaching Feedback

Ability to Message Coach Jake and Eugen for Questions + Feedback

Private Community

100s of Exercise Tutorial Videos



Have Questions Before Joining?

Let us ease your mind!

Pheasyque Lab is a subscription based platform in which people can learn the science of strength training through weekly evidence based articles, videos, and drawings covering relevant topics with an additional workout routine that progresses every week.

This platform is for those who want to skyrocket their knowledge without having to navigate through the endless amount of information that floods the internet. The goal is to make clients aware of the WHY behind their results as they progress through their journey. 

We wanted to create a progressive workout program that also ramps up knowledge in a similar fashion to what you’d learn in a certification course.

While there are plenty of other coaching platforms that work and offer great programs, we feel that most of them aren’t providing enough information for the client that is willing to learn the ‘theory behind the practice’. 

It’s true: most clients only care about the results, however…we want to take it one step further. We provide results for those that simply want a well-written program, but we also provide weekly lessons for those that want to use them and learn! This way you get a program and lessons that you can choose to use, to learn, at any time. 

Here at the Lab, our goal is to make sure that every one of you is able to get the results you’re looking for, but at the same time, learn more about the art and science of training.

Of course. That’s the beauty of our product! For those that only want the program, simply click through each lesson until you reach the program download. This will provide you with what you’re looking and the lessons will always be there if you choose to go back and read them, or brush up on knowledge!

Yup! Similarly to only using the program, you can also sign up for just the lessons.

Every month, you'll gain access to anywhere from 50-150+ pages of content and you'll have programs down the road if you ever choose to run them!

Following the first week, weekly lessons will be emailed to you on a weekly drip basis. This ensures you’re not doing too much too quickly and allows us to structure lessons accordingly. Plus, this gives everyone something to look forward to on a weekly basis.

Not really. If you’ve been following Pheasyque on Instagram, you know that scientific messaging hasn’t been conveyed in the same, conventional way that may be confusing or even boring for some. 

Don’t get us wrong: articles will be up to par with the current evidence, however, we try to present information in an easy-to-understand and digestible manner. No fluff.

The core essence of Pheasyque Lab is to provide information, and even complex information, in a very easy way to understand it. Pheasyque itself comes from the pun made of the words ‘easy’ and ‘physique’, which basically means creating a strong and muscular body with an easy, no fluff approach.

So many things! Our weekly lessons cover a variety of topics and they typically relate to the training plan you’re following. For example, if we teach you about drop sets, then your program will include drop sets.

Topics covered in our weekly lessons include: 

  • Science of training
  • In-depth exercise tutorials
  • Tips and cues for exercises or other methodologies
  • And much more…

Remember, lessons will vary and they will pertain to the program that you’re following. Yes, we have more on the way!

Client Pheasyque Highlights

"The Comeback Program was well thought out and helped lead me back to consistent training. To be honest, I can't believe you guys provided it for free. I'm excited to sign up for the normal Pheasyque Lab course!"

Scott S.
Pheasyque Lab Comeback Program User

"Let success be your proof. I've never been able to balance training and diet, I always wanted shortcuts to lose weight fast not realizing that being "fit" doesn't mean just having a good body. Words wouldn't be enough to explain what Pheasyque Lab has helped me achieve over the past year, so I'll let this picture speak for me. One thing for sure is that this program helped change my life."

- Aurora

Level Up Your Training. Instantly.

A Letter From the Pheasyque Lab Founders

Two coaches learned how to blend their talents to build the best training program and course on the internet.

Jake and Eugen have over 15 years of cumulative coaching experience and we've both always wondered how to help thousands at one time with a no b*llshit approach to training, while also interacting directly with clients.

Our courses and program are designed to teach you what you need to know to eventually be self-sufficient. We obviously love having you on the platform, but at the end of the day, our goal as coaches is to build you up and give you the essentials to eventually go out on your own.

Pheasyque Lab is the perfect culmination of Eugen's artistic abilities and Jake's content creation to provide you with easy-to-digest lessons and strategic training programs. If you're ready to build your body and mind, then sign-up and let's start growing.

In Strength,

Eugen & Jake


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